Please note: The B.A. of Applied Arts & Sciences is open only to students who entered SDSU on an Associate Degree for Transfer (AD-T) contract.

Note also: Prerequisites for the following courses can be found in the Department of Psychology section in the SDSU General Catalog or in the Class Schedule online.

Upper Division Requirements (31 units)

Methods Requirement – 4/5 units (choose at least one of the following):

  • PSY 301 Introduction to Research Methods (4 units) OR PSY 410 Laboratory in Experimental Psychology (5 units)

Breadth Requirement – 12 units (choose at least one course per group from the following):

  • Group I: Psychology 340 or 344
  • Group II: Psychology 319 or 351 or 370
  • Group III: Psychology 331 or 332 or 333 or 350 or 407
  • Group IV: Psychology 360 or 361 or 362 or 380 or 388

Additional Units Requirement (complete 14/15 additional units of any upper division Psychology courses numbered 300 and above)

Some students may also have a foreign language requirement (3rd semester equivalency). Check your degree evaluation report through WebPortal to see if you have a foreign language requirement.