Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Assistant Professor SDSU Behavioral Medicine / Neuropsychology
Address 619-594-1239 6505 Alvarado Ct., Suite 102 / San Diego, CA 92120


Graduate Institution

University of California, Los Angeles

Research Description

Our research explores how connecting with others affects the mind and body. We are particularly interested in how we remain connected to others and why social connection influences health.

Representative Publications
  • Inagaki, T. K., & Ross, L. P. (in press). A body-to-mind perspective on social connection: physical warmth potentiates brain activity to close others and subsequent feelings of social connection. Emotion.

  • Inagaki, T. K. (2018). Neural mechanisms of the link between giving social support and health. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1428, 33-50.

  • Inagaki, T. K. (2018). Opioids and social connection. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 27, 85-90.


Pete Gianaros, University of Pittsburgh / Meghan Meyer, Dartmouth College / Keely Muscatell, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill