Academic Title
Major Area(s) of Study
Associate Professor UCSD Neuropsychology
Address 858-543-3479 Atkinson Hall- Third Floor / 9500 Gilman Drive / La Jolla, CA 92093

Graduate Institution

SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Research Description

Dr. Jacobus is an Assistant Professor and licensed Clinical Psychologist in the UCSD Department of Psychiatry. Her current research interests focus on neurocognitive and structural brain changes related to healthy adolescent neurodevelopment and substance use, particularly alcohol and cannabis abuse. She is working on projects utilizing prospective study designs and multimodal neuroimaging approaches to understand the complex relationships between structural brain changes, risk taking behaviors, and neurocognitive functioning measured in adolescence and early adulthood. Dr. Jacobus is also interested in developing novel neuroscience-informed interventions for marijuana misuse.

Representative Publications
  • Infante, M.A., Ngyuen-Louie, T.T., Worley, M., Courtney, K.E., Coronado, C., & Jacobus, J. (2019). Neuropsychological trajectories associated with adolescent alcohol and cannabis use: A prospective 14-year study. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 11, 1-12.
  • Courtney, K.E., Baca, R., Doran, N., Jacobson, A., Liu, T.T. & Jacobus J. (2020). The effects of nicotine and cannabis co-use during adolescence and young adulthood on white matter cerebral blood flow estimates. Psychopharmacology, 237, 3615-3624.
  • Lees, B., Aguinaldo A., Squeglia, L.M., Infante, M.A., Wade, N.E., Hernandez Mejia,M. & Jacobus, J. (2020). Parental family history of alcohol use disorder and neural correlates of response inhibition in children from the adolescent brain cognitive development (ABCD) study. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 44, 1234-1244
  • Aguinaldo, L.D., Goldstone, A., Hasler, B.P., Brent, D.A., Coronado, C., & Jacobus J. (2021). Preliminary analysis of low-level alcohol use and suicidality with children in the adolescent brain and cognitive development (ABCD) baseline cohort. Psychiatry Research, 299, 113825.

Susan Tapert, Ph.D./Sandra A. Brown, Ph.D./Kelly Courtney, Ph.D./Natasha Wade, Ph.D./Neal Doran, Ph.D.