Congratulations to the thirteen SDSU undergraduates who presented their posters on cancer disparities at the International Cancer Education Conference in Salt Lake City the past 3 days along with their UCSD counterparts (a total of 31 students presented posters!).  Twelve of the SDSU undergraduates were supported via my NCI grant, Creating Scientists to Address Cancer Disparities.  The other SDSU student was supported via the SDSU/UCSD Cancer Partnership.
ICEC Group 2019
Notably, Shawn Barrowcliff, who is mentored by Dr. Georg Matt, won the award for Best Student Poster. Barrowcliff ICEC 2019 Poster

All of the students did a wonderful job, and received compliments from Dr. Jeannette Korczak, NCI’s Program Director for Cancer Research Education Grants, who was attending the meeting.

Thanks to the wonderful faculty who mentored students during the summer program.